Tabarok, Barsava building, 2th Baharestan, Sajjad Blvd, Mashhad

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Tabarok, Barsava building, 2th Baharestan, Sajjad Blvd, Mashhad

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Tabarok Holding; Pioneer in production



1436 staff and 10,000 skilled farmers; Share of Tabarok in the job creation



12 Active units of food economy, health, agriculture, animal husbandry, tourism and development; Share of Tabarok in the self-sufficiency


Foreign Exchange

Exporting products to more than 10 countries; Share of Tabarok in the exchange rate

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About Tabarok

Goals and Strategies

Tabarok Industrial Factories Group Holding was established in 1998 by Alireza Boustani. One of the long-term goals of this holding is to increase the popularity and acceptance of Tabarok Brand to reach the markets, to improve Quantity and quality of the holding’s products, increase the shares in domestic and global markets, and to expand, develop and strengthen the product supply chain. The characteristics of Tabarok brand can be depicted in four areas: market leadership, stability, investment development, and brand strengthening. Responding to social and environmental responsibilities, improving operational and financial structures to develop product quantity and quality, Updating product supply chain, and marketing by increasing market share with a focus on Increasing Tabarok brand’s recognition and influence are some of the strategies of the Tabarok Industrial Factories Group.

پنیر پیتزا تبرک

Tabarok’s Pizza Cheese


Tabarok Pizza cheese consists of cheese, cream, salt and sodium citrate. Pizza cheese is one of the most popular ingredients for preparing attractive, tasty and delicious dishes.


Tabarok Pizza Cheese with 20% protein and excellent quality in terms of elasticity, color, taste and reasonable price, will gift you the experience of a unique and special food.

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Let’s be in the exchange market
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Tabarok’s Products

Healthy, Diverse, Delicious

Tabarok’s Great Holding




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Subsidiary companies

Introducing subsidiary companies of Tabarok Company